Commercial Law:

Drafting of agreements related to any type of commercial transactions, participation in their negotiation and providing legal advice in relation to their conclusion; transactions with commercial enterprises; legal advice regarding commercial representation and agency; registration of commercial representative offices with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; legal advice in relation to liquidation and insolvency proceedings involving commercial legal entities; legal advice regarding securities, including under the Law on Registered Pledges, as well as in relation to bills of exchange, cheques and promissory notes. Law House Kondevi has extensive experience in conducting due diligence analyses regarding privatisation projects and related transactions, in conducting negotiations with ministries and governmental entities in relation to privatisation matters, drafting of documents concerning privatisation transactions, etc. The law house provides legal advice regarding privatisation transactions involving employee management companies and in relation to mass privatisation and public procurement issues.

Company Law:

Legal advice and drafting of documents regarding registration of sole traders and all types of commercial companies and changes pertaining to them, regarding their reorganisation, as well as in relation to acquisition of shares and registration of subsidiary companies by Bulgarian and foreign investors alike; representation before the commercial register with the Registry Agency under the Law on the Commercial Register; legal advice, drafting of documents and representation in liquidation and insolvency proceedings; legal advice and establishment of consortiums and holding companies.

Real Estate and Construction Law:

Legal advice, due diligence analyses and drafting of agreements concerning acquisition and sale of real estate assets and establishment of limited in rem rights pertaining to them (including contractual and statutory mortgages); voluntary partition agreements and partition by courts; Law House Kondevi has a long-standing and extensive experience in legal issues concerning planning, construction and construction supervision; legal consultancy regarding approval and amendment of detailed and general zoning plans, issuance of construction permits and other construction papers, as well as in relation to change of designation of agricultural lands; profound knowledge of international standard forms of construction contract, such as the FIDIC Conditions of Contract and NEC3, including legal representation concerning disputes arising under these forms before local courts and tribunals; Law House Kondevi has a long-established experience as regards solving of restitution claims and it provides legal advice and legal representation in administrative and court proceedings under all restitution laws in connection with such claims.

Civil Law and Law of Obligations and Contracts:

Drafting of documents and providing legal advice in civil law matters (including sale and purchase agreements, swap agreements, donation agreements, lease agreements, loan agreements, agreements for manufacture, assignment agreements, warranty agreements, securities, including pledges, mortgages, etc.).

Employment Law:

Legal consultancy, drafting of agreements and other documents concerning establishment, amendment and termination of employment relations; litigation concerning employment matters.

Family and Inheritance Law:

Drafting of agreements and other documents, as well as legal advice in relation to family law and inheritance law matters, including in relation to inheritance by operation of law or will (incl. drafting of wills); waiver of inheritance (including challenging the validity of waivers before courts), settling proprietary relations after marriage dissolution.

Banking Law:

The law house has a long-established experience in providing legal services to banks, including with regard to drafting of loan agreements and related security agreements; participation in negotiations with banks in relation to conclusion, amendment and termination of loan agreements, as well as securing the obligations under these agreements by means of contractual or statutory mortgages and pledges (including registered pledges).

Tax Law:

Legal representation on matters related to tax litigation concerning challenging tax audit acts.

Insurance Law:

Legal advice in relation to payment of insurance compensation in case of occurred insured events, including legal defence in relation to insurance law matters before local courts.

Transport Law:

Legal advice and drafting of agreements and other documents for leading Bulgarian and foreign companies engaged in transport; drafting of documents in relation to issuance of community licence for transport of goods and legal representation before competent administrative authorities.

Administrative Law:

Legal representation before competent authorities in relation to proceedings concerning the issuance of individual administrative acts and legal representation in administrative or court proceedings for challenging the validity of these acts or the refusals to issue such acts.

Tour Operators and Tourist Activities:

Legal advice to local and foreign tour operators and travel agencies.

Maritime Law:

Knowledge concerning delimitation of maritime boundaries; legal advice and legal representation in proceedings for registration of vessels, arrest and release of vessels, as well as in proceedings concerning marine salvage and litigation for payment of compensation in relation to marine salvage.

Foreign Investments, Foreign Physical Persons and Legal Entities:

The attorneys-at-law at Law House Kondevi provide legal advice concerning the establishment of foreign investments in Bulgaria, including incorporation of joint ventures (German, English, Irish, Turkish, Russian and Ukrainian). The law house provides legal advice to both foreign companies and foreign physical persons in relation to acquisition and sale of real estate, matters related to the law of obligations and contracts, commercial law, banking law, employment law, including in respect of hiring of staff; legal advice to foreign investors and foreign physical persons in relation to their right of residence in Bulgaria (including long-term residence and permanent residence); legal advice concerning international private law matters.

Litigation and Arbitration:

The attorneys-at-law at Law House Kondevi provide legal representation to their clients before Bulgarian courts and arbitral tribunals, including in respect of arbitrations administered by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry or by the Bulgarian Industrial Association, in relation to matters of different nature. They also have experience in representing clients before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.